We're Emily + Atlas

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We both grew up in the Northeast and decided to get the hell out and go where there's no winter. Tampa, Florida accomplishes that pretty well. We want you to love us and for us to love you - all the good vibes. So that if you want you can invite us to your New Years Eve party or to go get a beer and we'll be like yaas, down to hang. Sure, we take bomb photos and videos, but hey, we're people too!

Emily: I'm an extroverted introvert, so I love my peeps but i can also be very calm, which is great for keeping everyone stress free on wedding day. I'm basically a cat - being in the sun makes me happy. Add some peaceful waves, some John Mayer, and an vanilla iced latte, and I'm sorry is this heaven? All that being said, don't be surprised if I hop on the dance floor at the end of a wedding. In another life, I would be a fashion designer - I get a little giddy when my clients ask what to wear to a session. My style is bohemian/eclectic and minimalist. On the flip side, I once wrote a 12 page research paper about Wes Anderson. So you could say I like independent films and I'm kind of a nerd. I often try to convince Atlas that obviously the office is better than PnR.

Atlas: No, The Office is not better than Parks n Rec but I’ll give it to Emily, Dwight’s got some pretty hilarious one liners. I'm more of a Ben Wyatt, literally - I do all the numbers for Freehearted. I’m the introverted extrovert...? Definitely on that #gymlife but I ain’t That Guy.™ I will definitely talk your ear off about all my favorite places across America tho (road trips are my lifeblood). I have a lifelong dream of petting every dog on earth and have a scale for each one that ranges from Yip to Arf to Boof (show me your dog - I will pet it and inevitably tell you where it falls on this scale and why).

A lot of photographers or videographers are in the wedding industry for the money. We shoot weddings because. We. Frickin. Love. Weddings!

What Our Couples Have to Say

“Emily was such a joy to work with for our wedding photos. She really listens to her clients for what kind of memories they want captured on their special day—on which she delivers. She makes thoughtful suggestions and sees potential compositions that most photographers would overlook. Her photos truly captured the feel of our wedding—we get so many compliments on them! And, Emily took photos of our guests—many of whom traveled from out of town—which was truly appreciated! These were great to share with friends and family as well. Emily has a great approach with people and is patient with families/guests—which is important on your wedding day! She was very accommodating and made the dreaded process of rallying our families together so much less stressful. Emily’s perspective is unique and artistic. Her skills, paired with her calm personality, make her a fantastic photographer. Her photos induced tears—the good kind—and we can’t stop looking at them. We cannot recommend her enough. ” – Terry Wilkerson
“We didn’t initially plan to do videography for our wedding, but I’m so glad we did because Atlas was absolutely wonderful. Our wedding video brings happy tears to my eyes every time I watch it, even a year later. He was totally professional, answered any and all emails and questions promptly, and was just a blast to hang out with on our wedding day! I could not recommend his services enough!” – Liz Weden “Atlas turned our vision for our wedding video into a reality. He went above and beyond to add an extra camera for our wedding to capture additional moments that we will cherish forever. Atlas and his crew were extremely professional and his services were worth every penny. I still get compliments on just how amazing our highlight reel turned out. Highly recommend!” – Kevanne Hughes