hello! i’m emily!

i’m from south jersey and now call tampa, florida home. i’m an introvert and a people lover. you might think those two don’t go together, but that’s because most people mistake an introvert (someone who recharges with solitude) for anti-social (someone who doesn’t really like people). i can come across very calm, but don’t be surprised when i shout to corral family members at portrait time or even briefly hit the dance floor. i’m a hopeless romantic – an INFJ for all you Myers Briggs fans. i care deeply about those in my life, and when i become your photographer, my hope is that i’ll have the chance to invest in you – before the wedding day, on your wedding day, and beyond.

in my free time you can find me cozy in a hammock with a book, or listening to city and colour or some other indie jam while editing at foundation downtown. i am obsessed with independent films and anything by wes andersen. i considered studying fashion – i get a little giddy when my clients ask what they should wear to a session. i’d describe my style as bohemian/eclectic, minimalist, and classic.

nature and my environment are a large part of my inspiration for my art, as well as the wonderfully diverse people i meet through photography. add some golden hour light and a camera and that’s a recipe for magic. i believe people and love are what makes life great – no two people and no two love stories are exactly the same – every single story is worth telling. the courage, the patience and persistence, the joy, the forgiveness and grace, how it all fell into place, no two stories are identical. i consider it one of my greatest privileges to capture the beauty of real love as my job.


as a photographer, vision and perspective are everything. i see potential in the light and the shadows, the pretty and the “ugly” landscapes, the jaw-dropping and the wonderful everyday stories alike. when i photograph love stories, i see no end of beauty that can be found and captured.